As the water gets that little bit colder it's time to think about adding those extra layers to keep you warm and comfortable so you can see out the winter until the warmer spring months come. 

Winter is my favourite time of year, here on the South Coast our spots become more consistent and less crowded, the only problem is, it gets pretty cold come February. The UK water temperature varies during the winter from coast to coast and the weather itself has a massive impact on how warm you feel while in the water. The North East can be frigidly cold compared to a slightly milder Cornish corner with temperatures ranging from 6-10oC.

Here at Mango Surfing, we have a wide range of wetsuits to cater for your every need, this includes different brands, styles and budgets. In this series, we will break down all the details of the wetsuits and accessories to help when it comes to staying warm. 

The best thing to think about when buying a winter suit is what are you going to be using it for? Are you going to surf every day for hours, or for just a quick little dip here and there? Where are you going to surf? What type of surfing do you do? What's your budget? Do you have a brand or style preference?

Mango Surfing is now stocking the Billabong Furnace Absolute X hooded 5x4, which retails at £260. Again the hood protects you from the bitterly cold winds and ice cream headaches. The Furnace is jacquard knitted for a quick dry lining. It has large front and back panels that are lined internally and double knitted to help protect you from wind chill. The wetsuit has external liquid welded seams for a watertight seal.


The Furnace non-hooded 5x4mm is lightweight and flexible and retailing at £180 is very good value. It is has a durable superflex velcro resistant high stretch jersey as well as the same specs as the hooded version. All the Billabong wetsuits are made from 30% upcycled tyres and have a slightly shorter cut compare to Vissla and Xcel. 


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