is there a better looking quad fin?

As you all know fins are like alloys for your surfboard, for 98% of us they make absolutely no difference to the way we surf, it doesn't matter how many times you read the product description to convince yourself your current fins just don't have enough base length and that's the reason you can't make it out of the closeout barrels at your local.

Here is the only thing you need to know...good looking fins make you surf better. And if you match it with your leash, tail pad and logo colour your surfing will go to the next level.

I can't remember a better-looking set of fins than these new Rob Machado quads and just so you know I will be getting some.

*Good looking fins may not make you surf better*

rob machado quad

The Rob Machado Quad is a new edition to the Futures line for 2019. The template was designed with small wave performance surfing in mind. The set features an upright, pivot-style template, allowing the fins to have a very tight turning radius. Riders will notice quick response from the fins, and the perfect combination of speed and control. The Honeycomb construction is wrapped in a black exterior graphic and cosmic inner graphic.

rob machado quad



Rob machado quad


rob machado quad fins

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