Mango Brand

We have just released the first few lines of the Mango Surfing brand; clothing and accessories.

The main aim of the Mango brand is to create a premium look and feel at an affordable price.

First up is our 100% organic cotton crew neck sweater, it has a really high quality premium lining so it will keep you nice and warm, and it's also well fitted so you will look super delish wearing it.

At £35 we challenge you to find a better premium organic jumper for less.

We also have the logo beanie, simple and understated.

And the Mango Surfing change robe, take the edge off those winter surfs with our Mango Surfing changing robe, our 100% cotton robes will keep you dry and warm even on the frostiest mornings.

And finally, we are offering a mega money saving winter warmer combo. The Mango Surfing robe and beanie would make a great stocking filler for any surfer. Both items for only £25

All of items are designed and embroidered in-house in our Devon studio and you can check them all out here:

We also have plenty more items in the pipeline, from organic bamboo t-shirts to snap back caps and more beanie hats!


















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