Mini Mals and Longboards in stock now.

Mini Mals and Longboards in stock now.

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When looking over our collection of surfboards we could see that we had the beginner market covered with Bic surfboards and some hybrid shortboards that have high volume and extra width in a shorter template like the pie from Bradley surfboards and the Hoglet from Channel Islands Surfboards, and there is no shortage of performance boards. But there was a definite lack of mid & longer length surfboards.

So we got on the phone to the guys at Polen and they have created us some mini mal's and longboards. The mini mal's come in 8'0, 8'2 & 8'4, and the longboards are 9'2.

The thinking behind the mal was no matter weather you are beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer there should always be a space in your quiver for a classic mini mal.

The template is timeless, plenty of foam up front and nice relaxed rocker makes catching waves a dream on this board but once you are up on a wave you can still hold a line down the face. 
As a beginner it will help you to get your first waves or be the perfect progression from a swelly. As an intermediate/advanced surfer this will give you the ability to catch waves when your normal shortboards just won't cut it.
These boards have been designed for us at mango surfing and you wont see them anywhere else.
polen minimal surfboard
We also wanted to complement the mini mal with a classic longboard. 
So whether you're looking for your very first board or a seasoned surfer looking for a classy cruiser this should fit the bill. 

The Polen longboard offers a free and flowing ride for the savviest of surfers and it'll also satisfy the purist who appreciates the aesthetic beauty of traditional cut-lap resin tints. Classified as a fun shape, these boards feature a very balanced outline and a generous sweet spot through the middle of the board. The rounded nose and full rails add to the usability of this model, which means regardless of your skill level, the Longboard will paddle well, feel stable under foot, and accelerate with minimal effort.
polen longboard surfboard

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At Mango we love to surf, so if you need any more help about which model or size will be best for you just drop us a call or an email, we want to help find you that magic board. 

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