Summer is coming

Summer is coming

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You may not believe me today but after the weekend we just had, we cannot wait for summer to show its face properly.

Make sure you are ready for when it arrives with the mango surfing summer essentials:

First off we would just love for there to be consistent waves all summer long, but realistically we know that won't be the case. Make the most of the summer sunset evenings on one of our globe longboards and cruisers.

We also have longboards that have £50 off.

When there are waves you want to make sure you are riding the correct board to get the most out of the conditions, we have got summer fun covered with hybrids, mals, logs and swellys! And just remember bic's and foamies are not just for beginners, for a more advanced surfer you will find it hard to get a better cost/fun ratio, you will basically be able to catch waves when it looks almost flat.

bradley new barcelona

And dont forget the ultimate summer accessory. The shades. Nectar sunnies all have polarized lenses but will not break the bank so if you're anything like me it wont be too depressing when you sit on them or leave them on the roof of the car. 

nectar sunglasses

In store and online we have many more summertime accessories from globe trainer socks to sex wax sun cream so why not pop in and have a look.

Contact us:

At Mango we love to surf, so if you need any more help about which model or size will be best for you just drop us a call or an email, we want to help find you that magic board.

Phone: 033 0001 0173



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