Surfboard Review #5

Name: Polen Lazy Dude II 

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Waist to Overhead

Fin Setup: FCS2 Thruster (fins not included)

What we think:  This surfboard is a great lazy mans shortboard. It gives you that extra foam and paddle power under the chest and towards the nose of the board without compromising on a good amount of rocker to make those steeper last minute drops. The Joy is by pushing the volume forward it means they don't have to compromise on a sick tail that turns on a dime, and with the subtle pulled in hips at the back foot it really gives it a snappy responsive feel.

So if you wanna still turn up to fun waves when you haven't surfed for a while due to work, school or just a run of poor conditions and your fitness is lacking.... you'll still catch waves and once warmed up be doing turns like you only dreamt you've done in your head. 

Technical Description: 

(Polen Surfboards) Our number one selling board and one of the favorites in our range for some years now. This versatile all around shortboard is the perfect choice for surfers that want to get more waves with less effort, and keep the same speed and performance of a pure shortboard. Don't we all want that? The wider point in the chest area allows you to catch waves easily and have more control than a normal shortboard would offer. The bump in the front fins area, makes the board loose and responsive, working really well in different everyday surfing conditions. There is nothing lazy about this board, this is one of the fastest and most versatile shortboards in our line-up. Featuring a low entry rocker, a single to double concave finishing with a smooth “V” off the tail, mid/low rails, round squash tail and 3 fin set up, this board is a great all around and a must have in you quiver. Depending on your surf level, you can order 2” shorter than your normal shortboard.

Length  Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
6'0 19.25 2.62



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