Surfboard Tail Shapes Part 3: Round Tail/ Pin Tail

Surfboard Tail Shapes Part 3: Round Tail/ Pin Tail

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Part 3 of our surfboard tail shape guide focuses on the pin tail and rounded pin tail surfboard. 

This pin tail is designed for maximum hold and control, generally in bigger hollow surf. Pin tails have the narrowest width of all the tails. This reduction in width minimizes the tail's surface area allowing you to sink and dig into the water causing the board to hold a line and maintain direction. 

pin tail surfboards

This design gives you maximum water flow without any unexpected release for greater hold. Pintails are harder to maneuver, they are not designed to be used in small waves where tail surface area is needed for lift and generating speed. That is why you typically find these pin tails on big wave guns.

When you're dropping into a large wave, stability, hold and control at high speeds is more important than maneuverability.

channel islands surfboards pin tail

This rounded pin tail shape is similar to a pin tail because it allows water to wrap around its contour for better traction than the square/squash tail in bigger, faster, hollow waves. It is more versatile with more width than the pin tail.  The added width increases the surface area and results in more lift. More lift allows the board to be loser and more maneuverable than its pin tail counterpart. 

With the curved tail shape you should expect more drawn out arcing turns and less snappy, explosive turns than its square/squash tail counterpart. The added surface area will also provide more speed in slow spots.

Bradley surfboards round tail

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