Vision 7'0 EPS Foamy

Here at Mango Surfing we want to help you find a safe and easy to use Foamy for Kids to learn on or for someone looking to improve their surfing on a smaller but safer to use surfboard.

The 7'0 Vision is a really good example of an affordable foamy that can enable you to learn to surf on a safe and light Foam Surfboard. The template is wide and rounded for its length, which gives it good stability and its also very light in its construction so its easier to handle. This board is ideal for Kids learning how to surf or for someone wanting to try a shorter surfboard to help improve their surfing. 

VISION 7'0 EPS Ignite | Blue

Regular price £130.00 GBP


  • Core: 100% waterproof XPS
  • Deck: 4mm XPE
  • Bottom: 0.4mm HDPE slick
  • Leash: straight urethane
  • Stringers: 2 x wooden stringer
  • Fin: Plastic 3 fin 'Thruster' set
  • Heat laminated construction

The Ignite range is all about offering exceptional value for either kids or beginners who want to tryout surfing for the first time or improve their surfing safely. With plastic fins and a soft PE deck the Ignite Soft Surfboards have very good safety credentials.


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