As the water gets that little bit colder it's time to think about adding those extra layers to keep you warm and comfortable so you can see out the Winter until the Spring comes. 

Winter is my Favourite time of year because here on the South Coast our spots become more consistent and less crowded, the only problem is, it gets pretty cold come February. 

Here at Mango Surfing, we have a wide range of wetsuits to cater for your every need, this includes the make, the style and the price. We will break down all the details of the Wetsuits and accessories we have available to help with your decision making when it comes to staying warm. 

The best thing to think about when buying a Wetsuit for the winter is what are you going to be using it for? Are you going to surf every day for hours our just a quick lil dip here and there? Where are you going to surf? What type of surfing do you do? What's your budget? Do you have a make or style preference?

The UK water temperature varies during the winter from coast to coast and the weather itself has a massive impact on how warm you feel while surfing. The North East can be frigidly cold compared to a slightly milder Cornish corner with temperatures ranging from 6-10oC.

Wetsuits have different size, stitching, zip and cut styles so it's important to try on a suit to see what fits you the best. 

Mango Surfing is now stocking the Vissla 7 Seas Hooded and non-hooded 5x4mm and 4x3mm. The hooded 5x4 retails at £300 and is a chest zip entry and is made for the colder days of winter where the built-in hood gives you the protection needed from the bitter cold.


The non-hooded 5x4mm retails at £265 and allows you to keep your head free for the slightly warmer days in winter.


Vissla wetsuits, like Xcel, tend to be slimmer and longer in their fit compared to other brands. Vissla have 100% Super Stretch light neoprene making them light, warm, soft, stretchy and easy to put on and take off. 7 Seas are tripled glued and double blind stitched. Vissla super stretch tape allows the seam to be sealed, enabling stretch and comfort. The thermal hollow fibre lining keeps the suit insulated and helps the suit dry quickly. 


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