1980 Retro | 6'2" | Twin fin
1980 Retro | 6'2" | Twin fin
1980 Retro | 6'2" | Twin fin
Mark Richards

1980 Retro | 6'2" | Twin fin

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Name: Mark Richards 1980 Retro Twin

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Knee to headhigh

Fin setup: Glass Twin Fin

    Fins: Included

    Technical Description:

      This is Mark Richards most popular Retro model and is a faithful recreation of one of Mark Richards favourite twin fins which was a 'magic' contest board, and was 6'2" by 20 ¼" by 2 ¾".

      He shaped the original board early in 1980.

      • the original outline template with a lot of forward area, making it a dream to paddle;
      • the classic wing-swallow tail shape which reduces the tail area to give the board holding power through turns;
      • a fluted wing which adds bite and alleviates slide when turning;
      • a deep-V bottom which gets the board flowing from rail to rail.

      It is fast, loose, and a 'blast from the past'. The feedback on this model is 100% positive with everyone remarking how well it goes today for a 30 year old design.

      Set fins are standard, but we offer the custom order option of FCS Fibreglass Twin Fins and the size range is from 5'8" up to 6'8".



      Length  Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
      6'2 20 1/4 2 3/4



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