Aloha EZ Mid 3F PU PVCP Fun Surfboard - Clear

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Size 6'10

The EZ Mid is like the cooler, more sophisticated older brother of the classic beginner longboard. It's all about style and glide with this board, perfect for riders who want to feel the smooth flow of a longboard without the embarrassing "learner" shape. The wide point is positioned for maximum trim and reduced swing weight in the nose, allowing you to effortlessly glide across the waves. And if things get critical, you can always install the side bites for more control. With sizes ranging from 6'6" to 7'8", the EZ MID is suitable for all levels of surfers, from beginners to advanced. Plus, the PU + 10mm PVCP "T" Band stringer construction and 2 x 4oz deck + 1 x 4oz bottom lamination make this board a durable choice. And let's not forget the stylish tail shape - a round pin that'll have all the other surfers jealous. So grab your EZ MID and get ready to ride with style and grace.

Product Features and Dimensions

Glassing  Deck 2 X 4oz Bottom: 1X6oz full + 4oz Fin Patch
Fin 10 Inch WHITE Surf Box (slot box) + FCSII (WHITE) 2 FIN
Foam Core Bennet with Optical Highlighter
PVC/Wood Sandwich stringer Grey paint
Colour CLEAR with PVC stringer w/Grey paint - Sanded

No Fins Included

Size Guide

6’10“ X 21 1/8“ X 2 5/8 ” - 41.69L
7’2“ X 21 1/4“ X 2 3/4 ” - 45.74L
7’4“ X 21 1/2“ X 2 7/8 ” - 49.97L

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