Futures Controller Quad Thermotech

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Technical Description:

  • Size: Large

All of Futures Thermotech fins are built at our facility in Huntington Beach with precision tooling and designed to feel similar to fiberglass. The Controller is a Quad fin setup designed specifically for the classic, wide-tailed retro board. The V2 foil and large surface area create both maximum drive and control while the fin will have a skatey feel in smaller conditions. Now you get the value of a high performing fin at an affordable price!

Side fins
  • AREA-18.24
  • HEIGHT-4.50
  • BASE-5.05
  • FOIL-V2
Centre fin
  • AREA-
  • BASE-
  • FOIL-
Rear fin
  • AREA-12.06
  • HEIGHT-4.53
  • BASE-3.89
  • FOIL-80/20

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