Ignite 36" Bodyboard | Various Colours
Ignite 36" Bodyboard | Various Colours
Ignite 36" Bodyboard | Various Colours

Ignite 36" Bodyboard | Various Colours

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Technical Description:
  • Heat Laminated NOT glued construction for greater board longevity
  • Crescent Tail
  • Tail Channels
  • XPE Deck
  • Includes FREE Straight Urethane Leash

The Vision Razor is a perfect beginner to intermediate bodyboard. It is a great versatile and durable board for everyday riding that performs extremely well in good sized surf. The bottom features a great slick for enhanced board performance that not only adds strength but also a resistance free riding surface that increases speed and manoeuvrability on the water. Size wise we recommended the 40' for smaller Adults/Children, The 42' for Adults the 36' suitable for Juniors.

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