Mako | 5'9" | Futures | Thruster
Mako | 5'9" | Futures | Thruster
Luke young

Mako | 5'9" | Futures | Thruster

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Name: Luke Young Mako

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Waist to overhead

Fin setup: Futures Thruster

Fins: not included

Technical Description:

Our latest edition to 2016… ‘The Mako’ is now available… A follow up to our popular new ‘Meteor’ model the Mako is more shortboard in plan shape with a rounded diamond tail.

The ‘hip’ in the tail is brought forward to 16” to widen the area directly below your centre of gravity when turning and to maintain a sensibly wider tail section. The deep 4 channel bottom and low, sharp rear rails add drive and grip in surf from 2-6 ft.

The mako can be ordered shorter and wider for slacker surf or as standard shortboard dimensions.

Length  Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
5'9 19 3/8 2 3/8



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