T1 Twin +1 Alpha Series | Carbon/ Tan

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Technical Description:

The Futures Fins T1 Alpha is a performance twin-fin designed for surfing in the pocket, as well as smooth rail-to-rail transitions that modern twin-fin surfing is known for. The T1 Alpha's carbonized flex pattern and flat foil combine for a super lively feel, helping to generate maximum drive in softer conditions. The set is equipped with the option to ride with a small trailer fin for increased stability creating more of a thruster feel. All Alpha products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Huntington Beach, CA USA.

  • Size: Fit to Board
  • Fins in set: 3
  • Material: Alpha

Tech Specs


  • Height: 5.14 in
  • Base: 4.80 in
  • Area: 19.79 sq in
  • Foil: Flat


  • Height: 3.26 in
  • Base: 3.18 in
  • Area: 7.90 sq in
  • Foil: Symmetrical


Alpha fins are made with a special composite designed with the help of 3M. It's carbon and air infused, and it's super lightweight.