Second Hand Surfboards

Second Hand Surfboards

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Here in our little surf shop we understand that not everyone can justify a brand new surfboard at the drop of a hat, that is why we always try to keep a fully stocked rack of varied second hand surfboards.

Second hand surfboards are great if you are looking to try out a different tail shape or a summer groveller without the financial risk of a brand new surfboard. They are also great for the boards you may need but will not use that often like a step up/big wave gun for travelling with or a super retro twin fin.

We currently have about 20 second hand surfboards in stock and here are some of my favourites that i don't think will be around for very long.

al merrick fred rubble


The Fred rubble is easily one of the most popular surfboards channel islands have made. With a lower entry rocker and wider outline than a standard shortboard it’s just a fun board for waves from waist high to a little over head. This one is in great condition and has an FCS2 thruster fin setup for £280


The 1978 Retro Twin Fin started the multi-fin revolution and completely changed our perception of high-performance surfing. The 1978 twin features

  • a full pointed nose with maximum thickness carried forward;
  • a classic wing swallow tail shape which reduces area to give the board holding power through turns;
  • a fluted wing which adds bite and alleviates slides when turning;
  • a deep-V bottom which gets the board flowing from rail to rail.

This surfboard has to be seen to be truly appreciated. It has only ever been used once and would look as good on a wall as it would under your feet. It has 1 or 2 deck compressions so is basically brand new. Gloss & polish finish with glassed in fins. £550


If you surf on the south coast of Devon you will already be familiar with this model, if you dont you need to try it. Shaped by local legend Luke Young. The Mako surfboard features a deep 4 channel bottom and low, sharp rear rails add drive and grip in surf from 2-6 ft. £180

If you want to check out all of our second hand surfboard you can see them here:


To keep our second hand rack full with a variation of different surfboards we are more than happy to help you sell your older boards. We only take a small commission and most boards don't hang around long. If you go on to buy a full price surfboard from our surf shop we won't take any commission. 

If any of you reading have a mini mal or a hybrid style shortboard/summer groveller that you are thinking about selling these have been flying off our racks so we may be able to help. Contacting us is easy, just check out the details below:

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At Mango we love to surf, so if you need any more help about which model or size will be best for you just drop us a call, an email or a facebook message. We want to help find you that magic board, set of fins or wetsuit:

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