Surfboard Review #2

Surfboard Review #2

Posted by Kirsty Rich on

Smooth and just oozes flow and ease of use! This board is a beauty.


Name: Simon Anderson Mollusc        

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Knee to head high

Fin Setup: FCS2 Thruster

Fins Included: Not Included

What We Think:

This boards got it all wave catching ease with a load of volume through the nose and under the chest helping you glide into any wave from 2ft to 6ft. The beak nose helps to spread that volume and foam towards the nose of the board and puts the foam right where you want it without compromising rocker and shape, meaning you can shave foam on that sick thumb tail that will be sick for round carvey drawn out turns and drawing some pretty creative arched lines on any wave you throw at it. 

This is an all round good board to have in your quiver as you can surf it in anything and still have an intermediate/performance feel and flow to it and makes it super user friendly for most levels. 

So if your looking to round out those turns and look stylish whilst doing it this could be the next stick for you!

Technical Description:

Round tail, wide semi roundish nose, low soft rail, medium single to double concave, thicker beak nose, slightly thicker tail. Rocker medium to low.

Simon first shaped this board for himself in 2002 as a 6'4 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/4. It has great paddle speed for an easy take off and is still a performance board, good for cut backs and off the top turns. Surf 2 or 3 inches shorter and 1/2 to 3/4 wider than your normal board. 

Somehow still a performance board with easy down-the-line speed, flows nicely through turns, good for roundhouse cutbacks and off-the-top turns.
Length  Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
6'1 20 1/4 2 1/2


The Simon Anderson Mollusc is available online or in our surf shop. If you are in the Plymouth area and are looking for anything surf related we have around 100 surfboards in stock from 5'6 to 9'3 and almost everything in between. If you want any more information about anything we stock contacting us is easy.

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