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Introducing: Andrew Douglas aka ‘Duggy’

He’s one of the good ones. Incredibly humble with a huge heart. One of those friends that you can not see for years, but when you catch up it’s like it was yesterday. What we love about Andrew is the life he lives isn’t for social media likes or recognition, he’s genuinely pushing himself to be the best he can be at everything he does. Andrew sets himself the most difficult challenges, solo artic surf exploration, heavy weight boxing, flying wing suits, adventuring and surfing the infamous Nazare, and now dedicating himself to big wave surfing all over the world…All whilst keeping his head down and cracking on with his day job. We are honoured to be supporting Andrew with his pursuits. He’s a particularly special member of our team, a great friend and a great surfer.

Some interesting facts about Duggy: He loves to seek adventure in the wildest of places and surfs as much as he possibly can. If he’s not in the ocean, then he’ll likely be found free falling thousands of feet from the sky from an open doored airplane. Duggy can also be found here at home in the South-West creating fun exploits amidst our beautiful coastal landscapes.

Follow Duggy’s story here and @andrew.j.douglas to see what adventure he next has in store to inspire you!

Photo Credits to: @benhartleyphoto @_rtshots

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