Christian Bradley started in the Surfboard Industry on the Gold Coast in Australia sanding the boards and earning his credibility. Eventually after becoming the master sander he decided it was time for “ The European Vacation” where he met Stephen Bell and landed the prime position of  becoming the Channel Islands/Al Merrick ghost shaper for Europe. This put him in contact with the CI team and the greatest man to  ever stand on a board Kelly Slater. The experience gained propelled him to another stratosphere and it was never going to be enough ghost shaping for anyone even Al Merrick or Simon Anderson his other mentor.  The Bradley Label was born and it has never looked back. World Title Surfers are continually in demand for another Bradley to add to their quiver. Performance is his niche but creativity is his credo. Christian Bradley has in the last decade turned himself into one the finest performance surfboard shapers in the world.

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