ALOHA 6'6 EZ-MID 3F (1+2FU) - PU Tint Polish - Seamist

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6'6 ALOHA EZ-MID 3F (1+2FU) - PU Tint Polish - Seamist

The EZ MID is for surfers focused on the smooth glide of a longer board without the “learner” plan shape. It’s all about high lines and trim. Suited to all levels of surfer from beginner - advanced, the wide point is centred for maximum trim and reduced swing weight in the nose. The EZ MID  can be surfed as a single fin or install the side bites for more control  in critical conditions. 

Product Features and Dimensions

  • 10 Inch White Surf Box (slot box) + Future (White) 2 Fin
  • Glassing: Deck: 1 x 6oz + 1 x 4 oz 3/4 deck patch 
  • Glassing: Bottom : 1 x 6 oz + 4 oz Fin Patch
  • Foam Core: Bennet with Optical Highlighter
  • Double timber stringers
  • Finish: P.4180 C Cut Lap Tint - Polish
  • *No Fins Included
  • Foam Core: PU Timber Stringer 





6'6 20 3/4 2 5/8 38.94

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