Aloha Smile Sundae SkEgg Surfboard - Supercore Ice Blue

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Size 5'10

The SkEgg is a rounded nose rounded tail shape like an EGG. The egg shape is designed as a fun addition to the quiver and the intention is to provide a design that sits between a shortboard and a longboard. The round tail is a compromise in manoeuvrability between a square tail and pin tail. Square tail has multiple pivot points for looseness and pin tail is designed for speed and hold. Smooth curves in the outline, rail and bottom curves helps this design carry speed in weaker waves. The fundamental design elements when scrambled and cooked perfectly are a beginner surfers treat looking for access into the steeper sections of the wave face when graduating from a longboard or softboard. The skEgg is also the perfect summer fling for an experienced shredder!

Product Features and Dimensions

  • Fins: Not Included

Size Guide

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’10 21 2 5/8 36.5L
6’2 22 1/4 2 3/4 43L
6’4 22 1/2 2 13/16 45.5L

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