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Vision Face Mask & Snorkel Set

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With a comfortable silicon twin lens purge mask and semi-dry top snorkel there's no reason not to enjoy underwater life. The semi-dry snorkel top prevents water splashing into the the air passage and allows a clear air flow. The mouth piece is also silicon for extra comfort and durability and features a purge valve for easy clearing of water.


  • 100% silicon face mask for a comfortable longer lasting seal
  • Snorkel with silicon mouth piece,
  • Semi dry snorkel top
  • Purge valve for easy clearing of water
  • Twin lens mask with tempered glass lens
  • Easy adjustable straps on face mask

Did you know? - To correctly fit your mask you should simply press the mask over your eyes and nose without putting the strap around your head. A well fitting mask should stick to your face without you having to hold it in place. Then secure the strap to stop it moving around your face.