Yeti Rambler 6oz Stackable Espresso Mugs (2 Pack) - Tropical Pink

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The Rambler® 6 oz. Stackable Mugs are just the right size for a flat white on the deck and a cortado at camp. Plus, its DuraSip™ Ceramic Lining, over-engineered firm- grip handle, and stackability make it ideal for espresso machines, camp kitchens, and beyond.

The perk-friendly stackable cup that brings the cafe to any terrain. Comes in a pack of two.

  •   Fits most espresso machines
  •   Stackable for easy storage
  •   Splash resistant
  •   Dishwasher safe

Product Features and Dimensions

  • Fits most Espresso Machines
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Splash resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with kitchen-grade stainless steel so they’re puncture – and rust – resistant.
  • Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot to the last sip.
Size Guide
External Dimensions:  9.8W X 7.7H CM
Empty Weight  0.2 KG
Capacity  6 FL OZ

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