Welcome to the team: Iskha

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Welcome to the team: Iskha Thres

From the early days of coming into the store, it’s been a pleasure to watch Ishka grow and develop into the surfer he is today.

He’s a bundle of joy and we are proud to support him in anyway that we can along his surfing journey.

As a young surfer/lifeguard/traveller, it’s inspiring to see him put the same passion into his surfing as he does with his various other pursuits. We are certain that wherever Ishka goes he will be smiling along the way, delivering the same energy and enthusiasm outside of the water as he does in.

Ishka is currently travelling the east coast of Australia, hitting up as many bucket-list spots as possible whilst visiting friends and filming as much as he can before the lifeguard season starts.

Some interesting facts about Ishka: He likes to surf when it’s onshore, dine on Mexican food and get down to Lime Cordiale’s “Money”.

Welcome aboard the team, Ishka 🫡

Follow Ishka’s journey here and @ishka01 to check out what he’s getting upto on the reg!




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